How to Fix It When a Second Monitor is Not Working

How to Fix It When a Second Monitor is Not Working

Second monitors are a crucial tool for improving your productivity. Provided your computer can support multiple monitors, buying a second monitor is a good choice for enhancing your daily grind, but what do you do if your new second monitor is not detected?

Common Second Monitor Problems

Second monitor troubles appear in a few common ways:

  • The second monitor does not display any content and shows a black screen.
  • The second monitor displays content at a non-native resolution.
  • The content on the second monitor suffers from artifacts not seen on the primary monitor.
  • The display is distorted, discolored, duplicated, or otherwise "wrong."
  • Fortunately, the troubleshooting steps for most of these second monitor problems are essentially the same. By carefully following the steps below, you can diagnose and fix the exact cause of your second monitor malfunctions.

Causes of Second Monitor Problems

Regardless of the exact problem you experience, there are a few basic root causes of all second monitor problems:

  • Your computer cannot support the display, whether in color depth, pixel count, or interface options.
  • The monitor's cable is damaged or malfunctioning.
  • The computer's display drivers are not properly handling the secondary display.

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